5 Simple Ways to Boost Your Immune System

November 15, 2021


Grocery stores and online marketplaces are flooded with supplements promising to boost your immune system. Sometimes our elders suggest ways to keep our bodies immune from illness. But we have a complex immune system comprising blood, bone marrow, organs, tissues, and skin cells, all working together to keep us protected from potentially harmful pathogens. Our immune system also limits the damage from infectious or non-infectious agents. 

Think of your immune system as an NBA team where winning depends on the quality performance of every individual member. If all the components of your immune system are working perfectly, you can have years of disease and illness-free life. You must adopt and encourage good-for-you behaviors. Here we bring you 5 simple yet effective ways to help your immune system work efficiently against any potential threats to your body. 

Nutritious Food and Proper Hydration

When we talk about the immune system, we talk about your entire internal health, which heavily relies on what you feed your body. Our immune system seeks help from nutrients from food to work as a shield against harmful bacteria & viruses. Plant-based foods such as veggies, fruits, spices, herbs, etc., are vital for a perfectly functioning immune system. The antimicrobial and antiviral properties of many plants help us fight off several infections that we never notice.

For instance, a review from the International Journal of Molecular Sciences from June 2017 stated that spices such as thyme, oregano, cumin, cinnamon, and clove prevent the growth of Bacillus subtilis & Pseudomonas fluorescens, which are the most common food-spoiling bacterias. Drink the recommended amount of water every day and eat as healthy as possible since a healthy immune system can get you through a pandemic.

Regular Physical Activity

You cut down on the risk of several chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart issues, obesity, and more with a regular exercise schedule. A review from Frontiers in Immunology stated that regular workouts help you against viral and bacterial infections. Physical activity boosts endorphins in your body, reducing pain and increasing feelings of pleasure. Stress harms our immune system, but since physical activity is quite effective against stress, it also improves our body’s immune response. 

Adequate Sleep

It may not be an active process like other things on this list, but it is as integral as other health-boosting activities. You don’t know, but many things are happening inside your body when you are not awake. One of the processes that only takes place when we get a relaxing sleeping session is the development of infection-fighting molecules. 

Studies provide evidence that the absence of quality sleep makes you vulnerable to chronic disease and several common viruses, such as the common cold. Make sure to get enough sleep to help your immune system defend your body effectively against harmful invaders. 

Avoid Smoking, Alcohol, & Other Toxins

Your everyday habits define your immune system’s health. Smoking has a bad impact on our overall health and also our immune function. It is also a leading cause of serious chronic diseases such as heart problems, lung cancer, blood pressure issues, etc. Moreover, toxicity from alcohol can leave you dizzy and dehydrated. The more you keep these things away from you, the more happy and healthy you will be.

Focus on Personal Hygiene

Personal hygiene has no direct impact on our immunity system, but we should always have a hygienic routine since we never know what future health crisis will occur. Always wash hands with soap, prevent the spread of germs by staying clean, use COVID-19 preventive measures such as masks & sanitizer even in daily life to fight against pathogens. You protect yourself from several diseases, but you also save adequate money set as your healthcare budget.