Are All Processed Foods Bad for You

September 15, 2020

Processed foods have a very bad reputation among the people who are conscious about their health. The terms such as additives, strange cooking methods, excess sugar, saturated fat, chemicals, or sodium come to mind when we talk about processed foods. This is why they are usually pointed out to play an essential role in public health hazards such as high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, and obesity.

What Is Processed Food?

Processed food is typically altered food that is convenient, flavorful, and shelf-stable. Some foods are more processed in comparison to others. A pre-cut green bean or bagged salad is technically termed as processed, but it is minimally processed because the natural state hasn’t changed. Likewise, a macaroni box, microwavable dinner, or cheese is considered to be heavily processed foods bad for you because they are usually altered with artificial flavors, ingredients, and additives. 

Beneficial Processed Foods

Some specific foods provide beneficial nutrients by processing, and consuming them is helpful. Here are some of the useful processed food items that you can consume daily.


Milk is homogenized to eliminate fats and pasteurized for killing the harmful bacteria present in it. 

Fortified Grain Products

The food items such as breakfast cereal and bread have some added nutrients. You should look out for foods with added sugar and sodium. Everyone needs to have a look over the nutrition facts label thoroughly on any processed foods package. 

Orange Juice With Added Calcium

Processed orange juice is known to be superior to fresh-squeezed juice in terms of nutrition. The flavor is also a matter that can be considered to choose processed juice over natural. 

Frozen and Canned Fruits and Vegetables

The frozen or canned fruits and vegetables have more minerals, vitamins, phytochemicals, and other nutrients because they are processed soon after harvesting. You should be aware that the addition of salt, syrup, sugar, or sauce to the canned or frozen vegetables and fruits might negate their nutritional value. 

Dried fruits

The processed foods such as dried fruits have more phenols and fibers than fresh fruits, and health experts have clinically proven it. You should also keep an eye on dried fruits added sugars like other processed foods to avail its maximum benefit. 

Processed Foods You Should Avoid

  • Canned foods with fat or sodium 
  • Pasta meals from refined white flour 
  • Packaged high-calorie snacks such as candies and chips
  • Frozen dinners and fish sticks high in sodium 
  • Packaged cookies and cakes
  • Boxed mixes meal high in sodium and fat
  • Sugary cereals 
  • Processed meat

Consuming these processed foods once in a while is not harmful, but making them a steady diet can impact your overall health. 

Stay Healthy With Beneficial Processed Foods 

We have discussed the safe and unsafe processed foods that should be included in meals. If you want to stay fit and free from diseases, then consuming these foods would turn out to be beneficial. You can follow us on different social media platforms to have an eye over fitness and health information updates.