Benefits of Using Bacteriostatic Water

July 9, 2020

bacteriostatic water

Ever wondered what’s that clear liquid injected into patients at the hospital? This important addition to the medicinal injections is called bacteriostatic water, which should never be confused with sterile water. While it is also a form of sterile water, it is not the same. Medical practitioners use bacteriostatic water for injection due to its ability to resist bacteria growth in water. With 0.9% benzyl alcohol, bacteriostatic water differs from sterile water since the latter is filtered and purified to not contain any additives.

Bacteriostatic water is classified into four categories based on its application. These include preservatives, antibiotics, disinfectants, and antiseptics. But why should we use bacteriostatic water instead of sterile water? Let’s roll through a few benefits of using bacteriostatic water to understand its importance.

Diluting or Dissolving Medications

Physicians often use sterile water to dilute or dissolve medications for injections. However, they mostly prefer bacteriostatic water instead of regular sterile water. Its property of preventing contamination or bacterial growth for long makes it perfect for all the injection methods including intravenous (where injection accesses the veins), intramuscular (where the injection is administered through the muscles), and subcutaneous (where medicine is injected under the skin). With bacteriostatic water for injection, you eliminate the potential threat of infection. You can end up promoting bacterial growth if you use regular sterile water as a diluting agent. 

Cheap and Reusable

This readily available counterpart of sterile water is cheap as well as reusable. You can grab bacteriostatic water 30ml for sale most of the time on our website. The composition only contains benzyl alcohol alongside sterile water. 

Apart from that, the bacteriostatic water is reusable. If you put a needle through the rubber seal of the vials, this hole can be a way for the bacteria to enter into the water. Fortunately, not with bacteriostatic water as it contains the most effective anti-bacterial agent in the form of benzyl alcohol. It can survive for up to 28 days without any contamination or bacteria growth. This is relatively high as compared to sterile water. 

Used With Humidifier

A humidifier is quite effective in stopping the movement or multiplication of bacteria. The only problem is that it fails to put a halt on bacterial growth and this is where bacteriostatic water can be useful. To defeat the bacteria from all the corners, whether it’s about prevention, spread, or growth, add bacteriostatic water in your humidifier. Furthermore, you can combine it with any therapeutic substance such as an essential oil to promote clean air and make it a form of aromatherapy. 

No Unwanted Reactions

It’s common to see anti-bacterial agents creating unwanted reactions to certain medications. But bacteriostatic water has proved its effectiveness and importance to the healthcare industry with very limited to no unwanted reactions with most medicines. Whether they use bacteriostatic water for injection or they use it as a dilute agent or solvent, it is here to stay for years ahead. 

Final Word

Here we conclude some of the most common benefits of using bacteriostatic water. It may not be a common name for most but it can be quite beneficial if used regularly. 

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