Best Natural Weight Loss Supplements Reviewed

August 17, 2020

Natural Weight Loss Supplements

With a plethora of pills and supplements claiming to cut down your weight by a significant amount, it’s often hard to trust them and for good reasons. A report from Eating Behaviors claims that 50% of people suffering from eating disorders have a history with over-the-counter diet pills or prescription drugs. That’s why it is imperative to stay natural with your diet supplements. 

Before we get to the best weight loss supplements you can try, let’s understand what natural diet supplements are. The markets are full of different types of supplements for weight loss, but natural supplements or the ones extracted from plants can be your best chance to lose weight. However, you cannot trust anything knowing about it. So here we are with a review of the most common ingredients in the natural or herbal weight loss supplements. 


Garcinia Cambogia

Several retailers will claim this ingredient to be a great help in losing weight. However, the reality is something different. According to many scientists that have researched it, Garcinia Cambogia primarily contains hydroxy citric acid that has little to no effect on weight loss. Some claims of it being dangerous for the body are also available with proof



We are talking about the most consumed psychoactive substance across the globe. Caffeine is found in coffee, dark chocolate, and green tea. One of the best metabolism boosters, caffeine is often added to weight loss supplements. Short-term studies show that caffeine can boost fat burning by up to 29%. There is enough evidence supporting the claim that caffeine can cause weight loss in humans. 



This ingredient from fish is considered a herbal supplement for weight loss even when it fails to justify the definition of natural supplements. People allergic to shellfish should avoid Chitosan. Even if you are not allergic, this ingredient can cause many side effects such as bloating, indigestion, constipation, heartburn, nausea, and more. Also, the product is not shown to leave any effects on weight loss.


Raspberry Ketones

The substance found in raspberries is what gives them their unique smell. Synthetic raspberry ketones are sold as a weight loss supplement. Studies done on rats show that raspberries ketones boost the fat breakdown in isolated fat cells. It also increases adiponectin levels, a hormone associated with weight loss in humans.



Extracted from the konjac plant, this natural fiber ingredient is frequently called effective against weight loss. However, a study from the Journal of Obesity found it to be ineffective in weight loss. There is very limited evidence supporting its effectiveness but many government sources reveal adverse effects of glucomannan such as diarrhea, loose stools, abdominal discomfort, and more. 



There are a number of weight loss supplements that claim to be natural or herbal. However, even after being herbal, many of them have very little to no effects on our weight. In fact, some of them come with adverse side effects that can further cause severe problems. This blog will help you pick your ideal natural weight loss supplement with the right ingredients.