Foods To Avoid For Clear Skin

November 1, 2021


You may have heard or gone through several diet plans or foods that benefit your skin. But do you know that all the eatables we consume regularly have a significant impact on our skin? That is why doctors and dermatologists recommend eating fruits and certain food items that promote healthy-looking skin. One Google search can list you unlimited articles talking about foods to eat for healthy skin. But you may wonder why sometimes no cosmetic product or food items can control simple skin issues such as acne. If you are also struggling with dull and dry skin even after having a great skincare routine, maybe your diet is the real culprit. Below we have compiled a list of 5 foods to avoid for clear and flawless skin.


Sugar and Refined Grains

The best upgrade to your diet chart for promoting clear skin would be ditching the added sugar forever. Refined grains also act similar to any sugar since it breaks down into small sugar particles once inside your body. To elaborate in detail, any form of sugar, either a candy bar or brown bread, triggers inflammation and hormones, both of which are major contributors to skin issues such as acne. This happens because sugar consumption spikes blood sugar levels, causing our body to release sugar-reducing insulin in our bloodstream that eventually produces androgen hormone. 

Dairy Products

For all those who think dairy products are accepted everywhere, it’s not true in the case of getting clear skin. People struggling with skin breakouts should avoid dairy products since studies have proven a link between acne severity and milk intake among teenagers. What if we tell you that young adults consuming milk regularly and ice cream thrice a week have a four times more chance to suffer acne. What are your thoughts on your favorite cassata now?

Fast Food (Cooked in Unhealthy Oil)

It’s common to find omega-6 fatty acids in more than omega-3s when we talk about western diets. While both are essential for healthy skin, omega-3 acids contribute to clear skin, whereas the abundance of omega-6s can increase acne. Moreover, unhealthy oils found in fast food are primary sources of omega-6 fats. Consume salmon, walnuts, chia seeds, hemp seeds, flax seeds, and more omega-3 rich foods and cut down on your fast food consumption if you want clear skin.


Acne-prone skins are quite sensitive to many foods, but what if one of those foods is your personal favorite on the breakfast menu? We are talking about your daily dose of caffeine. High caffeine consumption is often a symbol of stress, which is certainly not good for your skin. Stress causes acne, but coffee can also exacerbate existing breakouts. Moreover, since we have already mentioned that milk and sugar should be avoided, be careful while making your daily brew.

Final Word

Here we conclude foods that you should avoid for clear skin. Most foods we eat have a direct impact on the clarity of our skin complexion. If you have been consistently struggling from skin breakouts, try keeping the mentioned foods out of your diet. For more informative fitness and skin health-related blogs, follow us on social networks.