How Kettlebells Help with Muscle Growth?

October 30, 2020

Kettlebells for Bodybuilding

To attain inspiring muscle growth, bodybuilders train the big muscles of their body first. They begin by hitting their whole body, followed by rigorous training of smaller muscles to achieve the desired results. 

Now, the muscles are larger on the leg and back than that of the arms. Believing this concept, kettlebells are ideal tools for bodybuilders to build and tone large functional muscles. The reason behind using kettlebells is simple- it pushes your body to work as a unit. However, kettlebells are still an understated and underused method for bodybuilding.

If you haven’t been using these powerful gears to build your muscles, it’s a good time to get started. Here is why you should include a kettlebell workout routine for muscle growth.   

Benefits of the kettlebell workout for muscle building 

Kettlebells help bodybuilders and powerlifters to become well-rounded – strong, toned up, and lean. You should fit kettlebells to your shoulder day as follows – 

  • Warm-up: Turkish get-ups with a kettlebell to warm up both of your shoulders, it supports shoulder stability.
  • Primary strength: Military presses with double kettlebells, rotating throughout the rep like an Arnold press.
  • Secondary strength: Standing or seated single-arm kettlebell presses.
  • Burnout/cardio: 5-8 kettlebell snatches per arm, it burns a lot of calories and increases shoulder strength. Hammer the rear delts with heavy kettlebell swings, it builds up the back portion of your body.

That being said, here are the benefits of getting started with a kettlebell workout- 

Better incorporation to cardio

You can witness a significant increase in core strength with kettlebells.  

Kettlebell swings and snatches are great to incorporate into your cardio routine as it raises your heart-rate. 

Variation in swings gets you the best cardio exercise. It pays off you in many ways- strong posterior chain, burns fat, burns calories, boosts cardiovascular and muscular endurance. 

Increase mobility and stability

Workout with kettlebells has the biggest advantage for increasing mobility and stability throughout your joints. 

Joint stability is crucial to stay injury-free; it helps you to get into the correct positions that are required to lift safely. 

To improve your stability and mobility, incorporate kettlebells into your Turkish get-ups.  

Accumulate solid mass and activates muscle tissue

It is okay if you want to keep using dumbbells or barbells for primary strength lifts. However, kettlebells are the best consideration for secondary strength, which is focused more on solid volume accumulation and activating muscle tissues. 

When you use dumbbells at a higher weight, the pressure gets on wrists and hands, making it unstable to handle heavy weights overhead. Being compact, kettlebells allow pressure to remain on the forearm, giving a better neutral or rotating grip. Overhead presses with kettlebells are ideal to boost muscle building and aid fat loss. 

Further, it is quite challenging to use a barbell with as much weight as two kettlebells for front and back squats. As kettlebells are front-loaded, it is possible to squat deeper and better with them. That is the reason bodybuilders prefer a double kettlebell front squat. It demands a serious workout from secondary and tertiary muscles like the core and shoulders. It builds quads, glutes, and hamstrings of athletes in a spine-friendly manner!

Make you a better lifter

Kettlebells are more technique-oriented than any other gymming tool. It is a more form-oriented strength training gear, and with practice, you can better on it and get paid off generously. 

As a powerlifter, bodybuilder, or cross fitter, you are likely to find out more interesting ways to lift kettlebells. Work with your trainer and supplement your workout routine with kettlebells for bodybuilding to hit your muscle mass goals!

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