How to Build Muscle Mass

August 20, 2020

How to Build Muscle Mass

There is a plethora of misleading or unsubstantiated weightlifting advice taking rounds of the internet. We can’t blame anyone for that since bodybuilding is commercial now and a plethora. There are several bodybuilding myths that people believe in. Some claim that bad genetics prevent beginners from gaining muscle while some say it’s hard for women to gain beginner’s muscle.

We admit that muscle building is not easy. You go to a gym, lift weights, and even see some gains but packing serious muscle requires a plan

So today we will stroll through some basic things required for muscle building. 



Increase Calorie Intake

Your body gets the ability to store enormous protein through a process called protein synthesis and protein is essential for muscle growth. However, you should also know that protein reserves are also used for other things in your body such as making hormones. 

Protein reserves in your body are consumed so quickly that very less protein is left for muscle building. To tackle this problem, you need to outrun your body’s ability to break down the protein by storing more and more new proteins. 

According to the Journal of Applied Physiology, 1 gram of protein for every pound of your body weight is the maximum protein your body can use a day. For instance, a 140-pound man should take 140 grams of protein. You can consume protein from a number of sources such as chicken breast, milk, eggs, cottage cheese, peanuts, roasted-beef sandwiches, and a lot of things.

Apart from proteins, you also need to eat as much as possible to increase your overall calorie routine. A study shows that you need to increase the daily calorie intake to a level where you can add 1 pound to your body weight every week. 


Work Big, Not Small

Muscle building is not about those bicep curls but it’s about challenging your body. And the best way to challenge your body is by working on those multi-joint muscles. Pick exercises that can exploit multiple muscles and joints at once. For example, a dumbbell row can challenge biceps, abs, and lats. Multiple muscle groups help you lift more weight, which is a key growth stimulator. There are plenty of exercises that address multiple joints at once such as pull-ups, squats, deadlifts, bench presses, and more. 


Heavy Training

When training for muscle building, you have to push your limits to the extreme. We want you to go heavy with your training but at the same time, you need to train safely and efficiently too. When you challenge your muscles, they suffer greater tear and rebuild into giant muscles. 

By heavy training, we don’t mean to say 10-15 reps for one exercise. You can do multiple sets of 5 reps of multi-joint moves and that will be enough to build pure strength.


Drink Before Workout

You probably take your protein shake after a workout, which is totally fine but you can actually increase your protein synthesis if you take the same shale before working out. When you work out, blood flow increases in your body. Taking a carbohydrate-protein mix shake will allow your body to carry more amino acids to your muscles. If you find it hard to stomach protein drinks, a nice alternative would be a slice of American cheese and 4 ounces deli turkey in two slices of whole wheat bread. 



Muscle building seems tough but it’s easy when you know what to do. These are some fundamental points you can work on to build muscle. Follow us on social media to get more of such blogs.