How to Make Working Out a Habit?

November 28, 2021

workout routine

A 2012 survey on thousands of Lift users to know the top 10 most popular habits people want to stick found that exercise beats everything else by a long shot. Clearly, everyone wants to exercise regularly, but the challenge is in actually doing it. A new lifestyle that keeps you motivated throughout the day can do wonders for you. Moreover, your emotions regarding body image may have disturbed you at some point looking while looking at someone incredibly fit. We understand that it can be hard to stick with working out but not following a few hacks. 

We are here with some strategies to help you make working out a habit. Stroll through these suggestions to turn a constant struggle into a pleasure. 

Stick With a Time

Contrary to popular belief, exercising is not something you can only do in the early morning. Determine any time of the day, whether in the morning, lunchtime, or evening and try to stick with it every day. Try your best not to miss the set timings for working out. If you don’t have time, you won’t make exercising a habit. There are thousands of ways to remind yourself of working out. Use a simple phone reminder and try to avoid any delays. 

Start Small and Move Up Gradually

One of the most important rules of making anything a habit is to start small. You cannot just go and have an hour of workout straight on your first day. Save the energy and enthusiasm for the days when you will be in this for at least three weeks (committing yourself to something for at least 21 days straight is a great way to build a habit). Keeping your routine workout easy for at least 3 weeks allows you to continue on the days when you are low on motivation, energy, and willpower. Don’t worry about the entire workout, and think of just 5 minutes from the present. It is a great way to stay motivated throughout the exercise. 

Rather than the typical approach of focusing on results from exercising and diet, your focus first should be on making working out a habit. If you fall into a system, you will automatically start achieving your fitness goals. 

Accept Pain as Pleasure

We shy away from the pain, but we are attracted to pleasure. If you can associate your working out habit with pleasure, you will start enjoying everything happening to your body. Start by enjoying the fresh morning air and every sunrise & sunset. Keep your music on while pulling up on those overhead bars. Soon what started as a punishment will start feeling like a way to end all your health and appearance worries forever. 

Rest But Relatively Less

You may have heard regular gym people having a day off from the gym, which is important to give your body a chance to recover from all the heavy workouts. However, it is not good for someone trying to put on the habit of working out. You can take a day off but set a short body workout routine of half an hour for that day. Don’t skip until it is a habit. 


The problem with creating anything a habit is an inconsistency. If you are serious about your fitness goals, these tips will help you make exercising a habit. For more such informational health and fitness blogs, follow us on social media.