How To Stay Healthy And Fit As You Get Older

December 22, 2021


Aging gracefully is not about having tons of money but a healthy physique. If you are stepping into the age when most of your Google searches are about how to look younger, perhaps you need to go beyond those wrinkles & to sag. If you want to age gracefully, stop trying to look like an 18-year old and start embracing your current age with the best quality of life. To age like a good old bottle of wine, we believe that you need to stay physically & mentally fit and enjoy your age. Below we stroll through a few tips on staying healthy & fit as you get older.



Focus on Resistance Training & Regular Exercise

To everyone’s surprise, when experts are asked about how older adults should approach exercising, all recommend heavy weight training. The bulk up day by day and a naturally big physique are scientifically proven to help your bone density and prevent the risk of deterioration with age. Your bones are more prone to osteoporosis & age-related health problems, but resistance training can make them dense & while also strengthening your muscles. You won’t be asking for canes anymore since strong muscles prevent your joints from falling. Anything that covers resistance, such as resistance machines, lifting weights, or even a rowing machine, will work perfectly. 

Moreover, regular exercising will eliminate the risk of several health conditions including, but not limited to, cancer, joint & muscle pain, heart disease, and PAD. Our sleep cycle might be affected as we age, but regular exercising lowers stress levels and improves sleep, mood, and overall mental health. According to the Department of Health & Human Services, you should at least spend 2.5 to 5 hours on moderate workouts and 1.25 to 2.5 hours on intense workouts every week. 

Some aerobic exercises to include in your workout routine are

  • Walking 
  • Dancing
  • Cycling
  • Swimming 

Old bones and muscles need regular strength exercises to retain mobility. Following aerobic exercises can help keep your muscles and joints in use for longer.

Mind Your Diet

Aging gracefully is not something you can achieve without eating healthy. Here are the recommended foods you should eat according to the Dietary Guidelines for Americans:

  • Fresh fruits and vegetables. If you don’t have access to fresh, try frozen or canned but eat them regularly.
  • Include lean protein sources such as beans, fish, etc., in your food.
  • Regularly consume a minimum of three ounces of whole foods such as bread, cereals, etc.
  • Consume healthy fats. Avoid processed food or junk with excessive trans fat. 
  • Consume dairy products with low or no fat. Look for milk or yogurt processed with Vitamin D. 

Solid fats can also cause problems in adults. Fortunately, using oils in cooking and avoiding unhealthy fats can keep your cholesterol levels under control even when you can’t control your wrinkles anymore. 

Quit Smoking and Embrace Good Habits

Have you ever heard of premature aging? It mostly occurs due to smoking and alcohol consumption. And they also contribute to several potential health issues. Limit your alcohol intake and quit smoking. Moreover, start sleeping on time, get enough sleep, let your mind rest as much as you can since stress is another reason for premature aging. 

Final Word

Here we conclude some simple but effective ways to age gracefully. If you stood with us till the end, maybe you will like our other blogs on health & fitness. Make sure to follow us on social media for more informative posts.