Muscular Strength and Endurance

July 17, 2020

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The Importance of Muscular Strength & Endurance Training

Huge bodies never guarantee the muscles’ ability to exert consistent and repetitive force over a time period. Every athlete needs to train their muscles to last as long as possible in a sport. While strength training enables you to do superhuman things, endurance training is basically increasing your stamina. Both of these are combined together to form strength endurance training routines. 

How to build up lean tissue? How to improve endurance and also get your heart rate up? Does sweating indicate a great workout? 

With muscular strength and endurance training, you can do all of these things together. Below, we will stroll down to a detailed explanation of why strength and endurance training is imperative, but before that let’s understand the difference between the two.


Endurance vs Strength

As mentioned earlier, strength and endurance are two different things but keeping your body active throughout the day and working on anything for long hours cannot be done with just one of them. You need to include both strength and endurance in your training routine. 

Muscle strength allows you to exert heavy force somewhere for a short period of time such as bench pressing over 300 pounds in a gym 5 to 8 times. 

Whereas muscle endurance increases your ability to exert constant force somewhere for an extended time period like doing 100 bodyweight squats in succession. 

The perfect example can be a sprinter who can top the 100m track and also win the 4000m relay race (Usain Bolt of course). When you work on both strength and endurance, you pave a road to the perfect physique.


How muscular strength and endurance change you?

While working on your muscular strength, you witness several benefits just in the initial phases. The foundation of muscle strength training improves your muscle balance, stability, core control, postural control, and more. 

When you are done with the initial phase, the second phase of the muscular strength and endurance training gets you familiar with heavier weights, which are useful in increasing muscle size. You slowly move towards maximum strength. The second phase can also help people already in strength training but looking to work on their stability. Someone familiar with heavyweights can skip the first phase and move instantly to phase two to work on balance, stability, and endurance. 


Phase 1


To start with muscular strength endurance training, you need to perform 2 sets of these three exercises with 10 reps/set. 

Ball Bridge

Squat Jumps

Ball Cobra

Once you are good to go, start with these resistance training exercises with a minimum of 4 sets of each superset for push, pull, and legs. These should include a 60-sec rest in between.


Ball Push-Up 

Bench Press 



Single-Arm Row 

Seated Cable Row



Single-Leg Squat Touchdown

Dumbbell Squats


Phase 2

When you move to phase two of training, you can centralize on push, pull, and legs altogether. And this can be achieved from several multi-joint exercises available. As you are done with phase 1, you want to work more on muscular endurance for which you can start on the following exercises with light weights (wherever necessary) and boost as many sets as possible.

These exercises include, but are not limited to:

Bench Press

Shoulder Press


Barbell Deadlift

Barbell Squat

Barbell Bench Press

One-Arm Dumbbell Row

Wide Grip Lat Pull-Downs

Dumbbell Shoulder Press

Abdominal Bicycle


Final Word

As you move ahead with muscular strength endurance training, one of the main aspects of it apart from the above-mentioned exercises is rest. Your physical strength and endurance will only increase as expected when you give your physique adequate time to recover. Get in shape with the perfect blend of muscular endurance and strength.