Plyometrics Training

October 28, 2020

Plyometrics Training

A proper fitness routine and systemized work schedule are two things that can work wonders if followed strictly. However, when you are involved in corporate life, then maintaining a fitness routine isn’t easy. It is not important for everyone to undergo rigorous training for staying fit. A person can maintain his fitness by simply following a plyo box workout. It means that plyometric training is considered as the best fitness training to be followed by corporate professionals. Plyometric exercises include a variety of activities such as jumping, throwing, running, kicking, boxing, and pushups. Here is extra information about plyometric training that might help you to include it in your daily routine.

Why Is Plyometric Exercise Famous Among Fitness Enthusiasts? 

Plyo box workout focuses on forcing your muscles to contract and relax in quick sequences. However, it enhances innervations, elasticity, and muscle tissue strength used for jumping, running, and throwing further. A proper cycle of plyometric exercises helps to increase the vertical jump by strengthening muscles. These are the significant reasons why plyometric exercises are famous among fitness enthusiasts. Plyometrics helps in increasing the endurance to burn a great number of calories. The best thing about plyo exercises is that the need for equipment to stay fit is diminished. 

Why Should You Be Careful While Doing Plyometric Exercises? 

Plyometric exercises are known for creating the strongest and most explosive muscles. Apart from this, these exercises are associated with multiple injuries. These exercises have a high impact on your fitness, and performing them without attention can lead to higher injury chances. Therefore, seeking help from a certified trainer before trying plyometric training equipment and workout plans for staying fit is suggested. A coach or fitness expert can guide you in the right manner to do these exercises and stay fit. Most people commit the mistake of not seeking expert help to try these exercises, and as a result, they possess injury. 

Type of Plyometric Exercises 

Lower-body box jump workouts are ideal for any athlete in any sport. However, these drills involve activities such as jumping, hopping, and the following exercises. 

Jumps in Place

It includes jumping rope, tuck jumps, jumping jacks, and squat jumps. 

Jumps Over Barriers

These jumps include jumping over the cones, hurdles, and other barriers.

Multiple Hops and Jumps

You need to rapidly repeat hops or jumps in this exercise.

Box Drills

This activity includes box jumps, lateral box jumps, single-leg box jumps, etc. 

Depth Jumps

Here you need to step off the box and jump immediately to cover a specific height or distance. 

Plyometric exercises for the upper body are usually not performed, often like lower body exercises. However, you should not ignore them because your upper body needs to be explosive for pushing, swinging, and throwing. 


It includes lateral plyo pushups, claps pushups, and plyo pushups.

Med Ball Drills

In this activity, you need to try explosive med ball throws and partner tosses. 

Stay Fit With Regular Plyo Workout Routine 

In the above blog, we have mentioned the basic things related to a plyo box workout. These things can help you ideally perform exercises included in this workout routine and achieve your fitness goals. However, you can have the latest knowledge related to fitness and health on our website. To stay updated, follow us on all social media platforms and visit our website.