Probiotics for Gut Health: How They Help in Better Digestion

November 28, 2021

Have you ever heard of live bacteria and yeasts found inside our bodies? Do you know they assist our digestive system? All the good live bacteria and yeasts found throughout our bodies are probiotics. Our bodies have both good as well as harmful bacteria to balance out each other. You can experience a stomach infection if there are excessive bad bacteria present in your body. Probiotics help eliminate excessive bad bacteria present to return the balance and maintain flawless functionality of the digestive system.

In this article, we will outline the significance of probiotics for your body. But before we roll through the benefits of probiotics, let’s discuss how they work.

What Are Probiotics and How They Work

As explained above, a combination of yeasts and good bacteria found throughout our bodies are known as probiotics. Right from our childhood, we have learned that bacteria are harmful. Still, eventually, we get to know that even though most bacteria impact you negatively and make you sick, some microbes keep our bodies healthy by fighting bad bacteria. Probiotics belong to the famous family of organisms in our bodies that work together to maintain a healthy body. We call this community microbiome and the members as microbes. Even after having almost similar organs, you won’t find two people with the same microbiome or microbial cells (not even twins).

A microbe can only be known as a probiotic if there are specific characteristics present, like if a microbe: 

  • easily survives in your intestine after being eaten
  • have the ability to be isolated from a human
  • have proven benefits to your body
  • can be consumed safely

Probiotic Benefits for Gut Health

Probiotics have the tendency to treat an upset stomach. Diarrhea is quite common among infants and young children. Lactobacillus GG, a probiotic, can effectively cut down the course of infectious diarrhea in kids. Even though there is very little data available to support the claim, health experts still believe that probiotics are better at cutting down the risk of antibiotic-associated diarrhea by 60% than a placebo. 

But do you know our gut goes through different problems, and a more common gut problem is opposite to diarrhea- constipation? In a study on the effect of probiotics on functional constipation, researchers found that probiotics can reduce the gut transit time by 12.4 hours, allowing more bowel movements a week. Probiotics softened the stools for easy passing and increased weekly bowel movement to 1.3. 

Probiotic therapy is also beneficial in Crohn’s disease. Adults with irritable bowel syndrome can have relief from this type of gut infection. Probiotics supplements help prevent Crohn’s disease relapse. Several adults use probiotics to end these irritating and frustrating problems, but proper evidence to support this benefit is still not there. 


Most probiotics are available as dietary supplements across the globe, keeping them away from any testing and approvals as other drugs. Make sure to buy high-quality probiotics. We suggest taking help from your healthcare provider. For more such informational health & fitness blogs, follow us on social media.