Sodium Chloride Injection 10 ml x 10 QTY ampoules

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This is for x 10 QTY 10 ml Sodium Chloride for Injections BP

– It comes is a plastic Ampoules (as shown in the picture)

– This does NOT have benzyl Alcohol content in it

– Does not contain antimicrobial agent

– For single use only and discard any residue.  Sterile

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Sodium Chloride Injection 10ml Ampoules: Essential for Hydration and Medication Dilution

Ensure optimal patient care with our Sodium Chloride Injection, provided in a pack of ten 10ml ampoules. This isotonic solution is perfect for restoring body fluid balances, diluting medications, or as a delivery system for compatible medicines.

Key Features:

  • Isotonic Solution: Each ampoule contains a 0.9% sodium chloride solution, ideal for maintaining cellular electrolyte balance.
  • Versatility: Use for rehydrating patients, diluting medications for injection, or as a solvent in medical preparations.
  • Safe and Sterile: Packaged in sterile conditions, each ampoule ensures safety and efficacy for various medical uses.
  • Convenient Packaging: The 10ml ampoules are designed for ease of use, promoting accurate dosing and minimizing waste.

Ideal for hospitals, emergency care, and specialized clinics, our Sodium Chloride Injection is a fundamental component in medical treatments that require precise electrolyte management and medication administration.