Sterile Water for Injection 10ml Ampoules x 10 QTY

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This is for x 10 QTY 10 ml Sterile Water for Injections BP

– It comes is a plastic Ampoules (as shown in the picture)

– This does NOT have benzyl Alcohol content in it

– Does not contain antimicrobial agent

– For single use only and discard any residue.  Sterile

– Diluent for Parenteral Injections

– For use as a vehicle for reconstitution/preparation of aqueous injections

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Sterile Water for Injection 10ml Ampoules: Ensuring Purity and Safety in Every Dose

Unlock the highest standard of care with our Sterile Water for Injection, now available in a pack of ten 10ml ampoules. Designed for medical professionals who demand precision and safety, this product is essential for a variety of applications.

Key Features:

  • Uncompromised Purity: Our sterile water is free from any additives or contaminants, ideal for use in settings that require the utmost purity.
  • Single-Use Ampoules: Each 10ml ampoule is intended for single use, ensuring sterility and eliminating the risk of cross-contamination.
  • Wide Range of Applications: Perfect for diluting or dissolving medications that need to be administered by injection, and for use as a solvent in various medical procedures.
  • Manufactured with Care: Produced in compliance with strict pharmaceutical standards to guarantee the highest quality and safety.

Whether it’s for hospital use, clinical settings, or emergency care, our Sterile Water for Injection provides the reliability and sterility needed for effective medical treatment.