Raspberry Ketone: Uses, Benefits & Side Effects

February 18, 2021

Raspberry Ketone: Uses, Benefits & Side Effects

If you are thinking of losing weight, you are not alone since 73.6% of adults(over 20 years) are overweight and obese globally. Although there are several conventional weight loss methods, 85% are unsuccessful. But did you ever come across Raspberry Ketones?

Raspberry Ketones work by breaking the fat within the cells, thereby helping you lose weight faster. It also increases the levels of Adiponectin hormone which is responsible for regulating metabolism levels in the body.

What is Raspberry Ketone & its Uses?

Raspberry Ketone is a natural substance that gives a powerful aroma to Raspberries. You may find this natural ingredient in fruits, including Kiwis, Cranberries, and Strawberries. Raspberry Ketones are consumed in small amounts either from fruits or flavouring agents. It is commonly found in cosmetics and acts as a flavouring agent in soft drinks and several processed foods. Recently Raspberry Ketone in its synthetic form is found in weight loss supplements.

What do Raspberry Ketones Do?

Raspberry Ketones is a chemical compound that gives an aroma to Raspberries. In the past, this compound was present in perfumes. Raspberry Ketones’ structure resembles Synephrine and Capsaicin for anyone who wants to get rid of excess body fat.

Do you know what makes the red chillies hot? It is Capsaicin present in chillies that aids weight loss. 

How Raspberry Ketones Work in Humans?

No single study has been found on Raspberry Ketones in humans. One study is a blend of substances including Caffeine, Raspberry Ketone, Capsaicin, Ginger, and Synephrine. An eight-week study revealed that workout, reducing calorie intake, and Raspberry Ketones supplements lost 7.8 percent of fat mass. The Placebo group lost only 2.8 per cent. More research regarding weight loss due to Raspberry Supplements is yet to be conducted.

Benefits of Taking Raspberry Ketones

  • Prevents Obesity: A Korean study was conducted in 2010, which reveals that the stimulation of Lipolysis could prevent the accumulation of fat, thereby preventing Obesity. These are responsible for the production of hormones that breaks the fat cells in the liver more efficiently. However, a balanced diet and exercise can help you lose weight faster.
  • Fosters Hair Growth: A study was carried by the Translation Medical Science and Research department at Nagoya City in which Raspberry Ketones were a part of the cream. Those facing hair loss problems noticed tremendous hair growth. Significant improvement has been observed in the Skin Elasticity of healthy women.
  • Feeling full for a long time suppresses the appetite. It curbs hunger.
  • Swallowing the pill in Rapid Release Capsule form is easy and absorbs faster in the body.
  • Ability to convert fat into energy using enzyme Lipase.

Possible Side Effects of Raspberry Ketones

Raspberry Ketones have been “Generally Recognized as Safe” by FDA. Not everyone experiences side effects after having Raspberry Ketone. You may notice some possible side effects which will go away with time. If they last longer seek immediate medical attention. These have stimulant properties that increase the symptoms of high blood pressure and heart problems. Pregnant women and those struggling with heart problems should avoid having them at all costs.

Precautionary Measures 

  • Pregnant or Breastfeeding Women: No evidence related to pregnant and breastfeeding women has been found. Both pregnant and breastfeeding women must consult the doctor before beginning its course.
  • Diabetes: Diabetic patients must prohibit having these supplements. The reason being they are already having supplements that reduce their sugar levels. Your blood sugar levels gradually drop down after consuming these supplements.


Out of all the weight loss supplements, Raspberry Ketones give the most promising results. Along with these supplements perform some workouts and reduce your calorie intake to obtain the desired results.