Sleep and Resting – The Effect on Muscle Growth?

September 7, 2020

Sleep and Resting - the Effect on Muscle Growth?

When it comes to gaining muscle many factors should be focused upon. However, diet and exercise are the utmost important factors but sleep is usually overlooked as an important factor in gaining muscle. Enough sleep can help you to gain muscles and strengthen your body. The importance of sleep should be determined if you want to achieve your dream physique. An average need to have a minimum of 7 to 9 hours of sleep at night to stay fit and fresh. Sufficient sleep helps in improving muscle coordination in individuals that make them feel fresh. Here are some of the important points explaining why sleep is important for muscle growth. 


Importance of Sleep 

Sleep is well-known for serving many vital functions. However, for bodybuilders, the major functions of sleep are mental alertness and growth. Sleep helps in providing these effects directly on the human body. Time invested in the gym can be wasted to a large extent if you do not have proper sleep. Here are important functions of sleep that you should be aware of. 


Sleep Helps in Repairing Tissues and Replace Damaged Cells

Sleeping for about 8-10 hours is quite similar to fasting and it is catabolic to muscle growth. However, eating before sleep can help you in reversing this process and enhance protein synthesis. The protein synthesis does occur under sleep conditions but it occurs in the gastrointestinal tract. The human growth hormone is usually released under this condition of sleep. However, in men, about 60 to 70 percent of daily human growth hormone secretion occurs during early sleep. It is typically when the deepest cycle of sleep occurs in humans. Poor quality sleep can harm the human growth hormone level. 


Low Energy Consumption

If you do not get enough sleep then the need for meals per day might rise drastically. However, with bodybuilders the size is increased, so energy conservation outside the gym is usually paramount. Sleep helps to ensure that the food consumed is used for replacing energy and rebuilding muscles. 

Several meals throughout the day also assist growth, and sleep helps to ensure that food is used to replace energy and rebuild muscle (pre-sleep meals and nocturnal eating help to intensify this effect).


Sleep Helps to Recharge Brain

Adenosine is a signal that tells the brain to rest. Rising and declining concentrations of adenosine indicated that the brain is resting during sleep given that adenosine secretion reflects brain activity. The brain recharges while sleep as it helps in blocking adenosine to increase alertness. Resting the brain is important for bodybuilders that are desired during the day especially during the time of training. Apart from this, the motivation level is high during the highest mental alertness. 


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The above-mentioned information indicated the importance of sleep for muscle growth. However, not only sleep but diet also matters when it comes to building muscles. You should set a schedule for sleep along with a proper diet to remain healthy. If you are into bodybuilding then you might be aware of the factors that can be affected by improper sleep patterns. To know more about us, visit our website.