Stretching for Strength & Flexibility

August 6, 2020

Stretching for Strength & Flexibility

We can name stretching as one of the most underrated as well as misunderstood activities in physical fitness. The benefits stretching can provide are often overlooked since most people consider it just a warm-up for strength training. In reality, stretching has several long-term benefits, that may seem small but are very helpful with age.

Muscle growth changes as we grow old. You witness a number of activities taking place in a gym such as cycling, aerobics, strength training, and whatnot. But how do you know that these can help you with an even growth of muscles? When you notice people with incredible muscles growing old and starting to look horrible, it is a little scary. But what if we tell you that this is where stretching can help you. In this blog, we will highlight some important points on how stretching can help you with strength as well as flexibility. 


Stretching for Strength

You can easily find a lot of strength training enthusiasts arguing on how stretching can hinder your strength, which is not the entire truth. As mentioned earlier, you do not want muscles that may look horrible after a certain age. However, it is up to you, how you want to shape your muscle. Including a balanced stretching routine helps you with even muscle growth. 

Of course, doing excessive stretching before a set of strength training can leave your muscles too much relaxed, reducing your ability to perform heavy sets. But that does not imply that stretching is a waste of time. Just like, it’s a bad idea to eat before swimming, does not make eating bad, stretching on a balanced level can do wonders for your physique. 

With an even growth of muscle along the muscle fibers, your joints get a full range of motion and greater freedom to move. It helps with better circulation to the joints as well as muscles being stretched, which further brings an increased level of energy as better circulation also means more oxygen and glycogen. When you work for strength, what could be better than getting increased levels of speed and power together?


Stretching for Flexibility

Stretching is all about flexibility and no one can deny that. Regular static stretching improves flexibility along joints. If your muscles have a full range of motion, it is because you have had a great balance of stretching in your training routine.

You may not know but flexibility and strength training relate a lot to each other. Contrary to popular belief that flexibility does not require muscles, flexibility depends on muscles and connective tissues such as tendons and ligaments. Stretching is just an exercise that improves flexibility, which in detail means that it relaxes muscles and connective tissues better than simple exercises. 

You need to understand that tight and stiff muscles are sometimes linked to chronic pain, injuries, and poor posture. Too tight muscles need stretching but too loose muscles are weak too. Therefore, make sure to consult your trainer about your stretching routine to increase flexibility. Never follow someone else’s stretching routine since the optimal amount of flexibility is different for everyone. 


Here is how stretching can affect your strength training and flexibility differently. Now that you know more about the role of stretching in everyday fitness, plan your training routine with a proper balance of stretching and physical exercises.