The Benefits of Using Pre Workout Supplements

December 15, 2020

pre workout supplements

30 minutes to the workout and you are ready to drink your favorite pre-workout supplement. Sometimes it’s flavoured. Sometimes it’s bland. Some show great improvement in your performance whereas some just slow you down with a full belly. The question still remains- which is the best pre workout supplement? 

We think any supplement that can properly support your energy supplies during the workout can be an ideal pre workout supplement. Every pre-workout meal or supplement usually has large amounts of carbs and protein. Bananas, toast, even coffee used to be a pre workout supplement before the big brands started selling more concentrated forms of supplements. As the body can digest it easily as you workout, it provides you with an ample amount of nutrition to start training. But apart from these basic things, a premium or high-quality pre workout supplement should offer several health benefits as we will explore today.

No More Premature Fatigue

Unlike people who spend hours in workout sessions and then spend the whole day with tired and exhausted muscles, a good quality pre workout supplement keeps your energy levels high all the time. Correct nutrients combined with a healthy diet already benefits you but taking them before workout allows optimum performance with high energy levels. With energy available to burn, your physique makes every rep count with no premature fatigue.

Boost Physical Performance

Apart from the aid in workout, best natural pre workout supplements also help with your physical performance when not working out. Muscle maintenance and growth heavily relies on protein synthesis, which should either exceed or at least equal the protein breakdown rate during workouts.  Since protein is essential for protein synthesis, it becomes a key nutrient for muscle maintenance and growth. 

A wide range of pre-workout supplements have creatine as their primary ingredient. It helps saturate your creatine stores of muscles that naturally come empty. Creatine is effective in increasing physical performance during and after high-intensity, short-term exercises. 

Reduce Protein Breakdown

As mentioned earlier, gaining and maintaining muscle tissue requires effective protein synthesis that should either exceed or at least be equal to the protein breakdown rate. While most supplements fulfil the desired protein requirement through BCAAs(also known as building blocks of protein), a natural pre workout supplement also works as an additional amino acid source that cuts down the protein breakdown rate. Saturating your muscle stores to keep the protein levels high prevents muscles from breaking down for energy. 


Pre workout supplements have always been helpful in maintaining high energy levels during and after workouts. Apart from that, these aid in muscle recovery but it’s common to get confused with the plethora of pre workout supplements available in the market. As seen in the above benefits, some premium supplements built with natural ingredients fulfil your workout protein needs and also provide you essential dietary amino acids. Get the best natural pre workout supplements from IronPro Nutrion and reap all the benefits of rapid muscle growth.