The Health Benefits of Organic Foods

August 23, 2021


Did you know that in 2019, as much as 65% of Australian families bought some organic food item? And the percentage has only been rising ever since! Read on to know the reasons behind this trend.

Strenuous working hours have made a sedentary lifestyle the order of the day. On top of that, more & more people are finding less time for themselves. In such a scenario, having healthy, organic food becomes the main way to stay fit. 

But that’s not all. Even the methods of production of organic food are environmentally friendly. No chemical fertilizers or pesticides are used to produce such food. So, when you consume organic food, you kill two birds with one stone.

Here we tell you in a detailed manner about exactly why you need to incorporate organic food in your diet fully:

  • Keeps you away from all toxic things: To control the attack of pests or diseases, organic farmers employ methods of crop rotation. Besides, green manure is used as a fertilizer instead of chemicals. This means you get more food value and nourishment by having organic foods. The only thing you’ll lose by consuming an all-natural diet is bad health and disease.
  • Yummy in the tummy: They’re tastier too! That’s because all crops mature only after taking their sweet time. After all, good things take time. In this case, delectable things. This is the exact difference between naturally & artificially (chemically) grown food.
  • Builds Immunity: As no modifications are made in the production of organic food, no chemicals harm your body. Thus, what you get over time is better immunity. Another reason for the immune system to become stronger is the higher quantities of minerals & vitamins in organic food.
  • Always fresh to consume: Since no pesticides or fertilizers are sprayed, organic food items retain their natural lifespan. Thus, they go bad sooner than non-organic food. Chemicals make the latter grow sooner & last longer. So, rest assured, if you’re buying organic food, you’re investing in good health.
  • Lesser intake of pesticides: Studies have shown that higher amounts of pesticides are linked to more children having ADHD and rising infertility rates in men worldwide. Besides, having organic food also makes you 48% less likely to be affected by cadmium. It is a toxic metal that causes health issues by accumulating in the kidneys & the liver.
  • It is GMO-free: Genetically Modified Organisms (aka genetically engineered foods) are crops whose DNA has been artificially modified. Such DNA does not naturally occur in plants or even through crossbreeding. Genetically modified crops are resistant to pesticides. And organic food has no pesticides, which are an invitation to many health problems.

To be further convinced, get this: Cultivation of organic food bridges the economic gap. You significantly contribute to socio-economic welfare when you buy organic food. Its cultivation combines innovation, tradition, and scientific principles to make the agro community (especially small & marginal farmers) self-reliant & prosperous.

So, if you want to join the health bandwagon & make a difference, come onboard.