How To Keep Fit During This Pandemic?

July 20, 2020

Training During COVID-19

All of us have been looking at wall clocks at our own homes, missing the hustle, the speed, and energy. With gyms being shut, bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts are facing a hard time. 

This pandemic has forced all of us to be restricted in terms of mobility. Many of us can’t go to our favorite movie theatres or malls but the ones who have truly suffered so far are the gym regulars. Not being able to go to the gym for even a week is a nightmare to anyone who knows what happens when you stop exercising regularly. 

Luckily, we have just the solution for you today so you don’t have to lose your shape to the pandemic.


Speed Up 

One of the easiest things to pursue in your home gym is speed. Unlike strength regimes, cardio exercises do not take up a lot of equipment and can be done regularly without having to set anything up. Be sure to focus on your warm-ups and cool-downs because it can be easy to forget that home running and treadmill running are two different things. You might want to alter your time sets to achieve your required cardio goal for the day. 


Don’t Forget About Those Muscles

The best thing about strength training is that even when you stop being consistent, your muscles don’t deflate like a paper bag. Muscles and body strength take a while to acquire and this is why they are there to stay. You may not feel them dissipating in the beginning but with time they will. You can use your walls and ceilings creatively during the pandemic times to continue on with your strength exercises.

You may soon realize that your makeshift exercises are not having as much of an impact on your body as your everyday strength exercises. You should know that this is completely fine. Your body is adapting to a new style of exercise and even if you want to increase the load or the number of sets, you should do so with patience to avoid unnecessary wear and tear. The last thing you want this pandemic is a sore body. 


Back to Basics 

Remember the home workouts that you used to adore before you started hitting the gym? There is no reason why you can’t bring those happy memories back by making a few tweaks to your workout. Just remember to:

Push: Yes, push-ups. The oldest trick in the book. A good old set of push-ups can do wonders to your upper body and they are easy to alter for heavy training.

Pull: Pull-ups are probably the most underrated activity but to have an all-round workout, you need them in your life. 

Plank: The best workout comes with the least movement. Case in point, the plank. 

Bend: Your squats and your lunges are as important to your body as any other exercise. By following these to the book, you’ll easily be able to sculpt your body like a pro.

It may take a while for you to fix your routine but once you have implemented these golden pointers into your workout, you’ll forget all about your gym days.