Tribulus Terrestris and BodyBuilding

December 14, 2020

Most athletes keep looking for a supplement that can give them an edge over their competition at the gym or in a sport. One of the most common plants known as a herbal bodybuilding supplement, tribulus terrestris can be your next workout supplement. While the plant certainly has some health benefits, it’s still unclear if it has some bodybuilding benefits or not. So here we are with a detailed explanation of how Tribulus can be beneficial for your body. 

Increases Strength and Muscle Mass

A lot of T. terrestris supplements are known to boost testosterone but a recent study has shown that it is not a steroid and hence, would not result positively in a test conducted by an anti-doping agency. People often complain about false claims but with several tribulus bodybuilding benefits found in high-quality, premium supplements, there are no doubts about the plant’s caliber to work. 

Tribulus helps increase the lean mass and releases nitric oxide in our body, which is a natural vasodilator, and thus boosts blood flow by expanding blood vessels across the body. As the blood flow increases, you will experience an increase in the oxygen supply to working muscles. That’s why it is also considered a great pre-workout supplement. Evidence shows that Tribulus can boost testosterone levels in all animals, including humans. Consuming Tribulus has not been harmful and it helps in quick recovery of muscles after heavy or strength workouts.  

Pre-Workout Supplement

According to Sturtz, the function of T. terrestris entirely depends on how you consume it. When taken after a heavy workout, it turns into something that can relax and repair your muscles for the next day. Some bodybuilders look to improve their physique by producing nitric oxide and increasing blood flow in their bodies while working out. These people like taking tribulus before training as a pre workout supplement. Fortunately, it works in your health’s favor whenever you consume. People get tribulus bodybuilding benefits by taking the drink typically 30-60 minutes before working out. 

Cutting and Bulking

This plant can be your companion in the cutting and bulking journey. Tribulus supports a lean mass and therefore increases lean mass while bulking and retains it when you are on the cutting cycle. This way, you keep your lean mass unaffected in all seasons. Experts recommend consuming T. terrestris supplements three times a day, 30 minutes prior to your meals. Your healthcare expert or trainer can guide you better with the dosage. 

Side Effects of Tribulus

Surprisingly, we failed to find any published reports or studies showing serious adverse side effects from tribulus terrestris. However, you may experience first time usage problems such as nausea, flatulence, and abdominal discomfort. These are mild symptoms and usually go away with consistent usage. In case you are suffering from a liver or kidney problem, we recommend you consult a healthcare professional before taking tribulus supplements.


While the plant has several health benefits as shown above, a lot of people are still to know or experience these benefits even after months of consumption. This is common when you get bad-quality supplements. Try a wide range of high-quality and premium performance-enhancing Tribulus Terrestris supplements from IronPro Nutrition to feel the difference.