Using Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) Supplements?

August 25, 2020

Post Cycle Therapy

Post cycle therapy (PCT) is required with every prohormone you decide to use a supplement for muscle gain. However, after going through post cycle therapy, your body estrogen level is high and the testosterone level is extremely low. Both estrogen and testosterone are in a ratio that brings the difference in their level. Post cycle therapy supplements act as estrogen blockers and enhance the natural growth of muscles. 

Post cycle therapy (PCT) not only blocks the increase in estrogen level but helps in the natural restoration of testosterone levels. However, ignoring this therapy can put your muscle gain at risk as you may lose them rapidly. Additionally, you might gain excess weight, be lethargic, and experience testicular atrophy problems.


What Are the Different Types of Legal Pct Supplements?

The legal Post cycle therapy supplements are known to be effective on the suppressive cycles that do not bring positive change. Let us look at an example, a legal supplement PCT protocol is good for sensible Ostarine SARM cycles or LGD cycles. The legal supplements are usually divided into two categories such as estrogen blockers and testosterone boosters. Let us see what high levels of estrogen and low levels of testosterone can do to your body.


High levels of estrogen can cause:

Gynecomastia (man boobs)

Fat gain

Becoming overly emotional

Muscle loss and water retention.

Lower testosterone levels can cause:

Decreased sex drive


Muscle loss

Decreased confidence


What You Should Look for in PCT to Gain Muscle Naturally?


Testosterone Booster

You should look for supplements that can help your body to restore its testosterone level naturally.

Estrogen Modulation

Estrogen modulation is a component that helps in acting as a defense against gynecomastia that usually lingers around. However, excess estrogen and water retention can be controlled by estrogen modulation.

Antioxidant and Liver Protection

Presently available prohormones are quite safe in comparison to the ones that were supplied earlier. They do not possess harmful effects on the liver and other organs, but considering PCT supplements with liver protection and antioxidants can help in cleansing the kidneys and liver. It helps in effective working to metabolize exogenous testosterone.

Prolactin Control

This component helps in controlling changes of pituitary glands and works with combinations of estrogen modulation.


Which is the best PCT?

There is no specific PCT that could be termed as the best one for all situations. However, there is a singular or combination of PCT supplements depending upon the situation. PCT drugs/protocols/supplements are similar to anabolics and showing mild side effects is common. 


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