Body Hydration During Exercise

September 7, 2020

Body Hydration During Exercise

Drinking water might seem to be a simple exercise but it does virtually impact every aspect of your sports performance. However, a hydrated body tends to perform better while exercising and one can rely upon water or energy drinks to stay hydrated. The body hydration during exercise helps in improving agility, movement, thermoregulation, energy, and recovery. Now you might not be wondering why it is important to carry energy drinks while going to gyms or fitness centers. Here we have discussed everything related to body hydration during exercise.  

Advantages of Staying Hydrated During Exercise:-

Improved Muscle Function

Hydrated bodies are known for performing better in comparison to the dehydrated ones. 

Regulated Blood Pressure

Staying hydrated helps a person to maintain blood pressure while performing the exercise. This doesn’t allow your heart to work harder for maintaining normal blood pressure. 

Improved Circulation

Hydration helps in improving the flow of blood and its circulation and delivers the oxygen as well as nutrients to the working muscles of the body. Good hydration also helps a person in removing the metabolic by-products as well as waste from the muscles. Additionally, it replaces the water that is usually lost by sweat. 

How Proper Hydration Helps to Reduce Injury Risk During Exercise?

Dehydration usually contributes to muscle fatigue and it can also increase the risk of injury. However, staying adequately hydrated can help you in reducing muscle fatigue as well as reduce the risk of injury. When a person performs exercises, the core body temperature rises dramatically. In response to this, the human body sweats for dissipating excess heat and avoids overheating of the body. Body hydration during exercise helps in replacing the lost water and it is crucial for thermoregulation and it also helps to prevent cramps, heat exhaustion as well as heatstroke. 

Ideal Water Intake Capacity During Exercise 

Fluid intake capacity varies based on the activity, environmental conditions, intensity, body size as well as training status. Highly trained people or intensive training requires more body hydration during exercise than normal because it includes a lot of sweating. 

For maintaining optimal hydration all over the day, young athletes need to drink half to one ounce of water per pound of their body weight. For maintaining peak performance during exercise, minimize water weight loss to less than 2 percent of your weight. This also means that a person having a 100-pound weight should not lose 2 pounds of water during the workout. 

The fitness trainer encourages people to maintain body hydration during exercise by drinking plenty of water. You should continue to consume 4 to 6 big gulps of water every 15 to 20 minutes during exercise. However, one should drink 24 ounces of water after exercising for every pound of water weight you have been losing during a workout. 

Maintain Water Level in Your Body to Stay Fit 

Fitness enthusiasts need to maintain the water level in their body. It helps them to stay fit through and muscles to prevent any kind of injury. We have discussed some important features of maintaining body hydration during exercise. You can get to know more about being fit and healthy from our blogs. Visit our website and grab important information to stay healthy and fit.