I Want to Get Strong, What Do I DO?

July 15, 2020

ultimate guide to getting big and strong

Ultimate Guide to Getting Big and Strong

Getting stronger is often mistaken for getting huge like a bodybuilder and that’s why many people ignore one of the most important aspects of workout routines- resistance training. Federal researchers reported that only 6% of the adults perform at least two workouts directed towards muscle strengthening, which is also the minimum recommended amount. Many fitness enthusiasts forget the most common goal of muscle building- being strong. 

Below, we bring you the ultimate guide to getting big and strong, so that you also gain strength with those cuts. 



Don’t Lose the Muscle

Muscle is one of the most valuable components of our body that help us do everything from walking to running, climbing, or carrying. Our muscles can start deteriorating after we go past the 30s. In fact, after 40, an average human starts losing 8% of their muscle mass per decade. This accelerates further once we reach 60 and it leaves you with several risks such as arthritis, osteoporosis, frailty, chronic back pain, fractures, and more problems. 

Muscle strengthening can help you delay this time by years or even decades. Through resistance training, you can keep your muscles way beyond your 40s or 50s. Set a diet that can provide you with more muscle mass than fat. Age is not a factor when you take the right diet to build muscle and correct exercise. 


How to Get Stronger- Home Training 

Perhaps your initial step in the quest of how to increase strength was going to a gym. However, strength training never requires you to use expensive gym equipment. You can start the basic strength training from home. Strength building has always been hard on your pocket but spending a reasonable amount of your income on your body and going to a gym can never turn out bad. 

Here are the workouts you can try at home for strength building. 


Resistance Band Seated Row

Resistance Band Shoulder Press


Reverse Lunge

Glute Bridge


Side Bridge


How to Increase Strength- Gym Routines

We mostly work on our core to increase our strength but legs are as much important. In fact, 65% of our body muscle lies below the belt in your legs, glutes, thighs, calves, and hamstrings.

To answer your question about how to get stronger, we have divided effective resistance training into three parts including push-day, pull-day, and leg-day that you can interchangeably. However, make sure to dedicate one day of every week to only your legs. 


Push Day

Do 3 sets of each of the following exercises:

Dumbbell Chest Press

Seated Dumbbell Press

Triceps Pushdown

Triceps Kickback

Machine Dips


Pull Day

Do 3 sets of each of the following exercises:


Seated Cable Roll

Lat Pulldown

Hammer Curls

Bicep Curls


Leg Day

Do 3 sets of each of the following exercises:

Leg Press Machine


Lying Leg Curls

Lunges with Weights

Standing Calf Raises


Never Undereat

Resistance training requires eating a protein-rich muscle-building diet and if you fail to eat as much as you work out, your body may start shrinking rather than going big and strong. Undereating or eating junk should be strictly avoided when working on your strength. Just like this ultimate guide to getting big and strong, check out our blog on the diet for muscle building.


Final Word

So, here we have a basic training and diet guide to work on your strength and become strong. There are a few other ways to look big and flaunt a physique such as bodybuilders. With the help of certain peptides, several bodybuilders get their dream physiques. However, it’s imperative to only take peptides diluted in bacteriostatic water for the best results.